October Poetry Challenge: Day Two

October Christmas Spirit Smoke wafts from the chimney across the way.We're separated by a sea of snow and yetthese neighbors feel closer than beforeas we share this muffled, silent morning.Is their kitchen full of whispers too?Whispers of laughter and a giggling tea kettle?Do their slippered feet kiss the floor with sleepy steps? Do they feel… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Two


October Poetry Challenge: Day One

At Home In This World Gravel crunches underfoot Grass shivers in the breezeShe trots on lithe legs with soundless pawsHer nose nudging mud and sticksI love nature as much as herYet here I stomp on two shod feet She floats in her proper place at home in her elementWhile I'm trying to observe trying to… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day One