Who is this for?

Fiction writers looking for in-line comments on their query letter, first page, or first five pages. Full developmental edits available on a select basis.

Genres I accept: (Adult, YA, and MG)

I’m not a good fit for: Horror, erotica, picture books, or sci-fi

What will you get?



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Query Letter Critique

$20 for first pass and $10 for second

Query Letter + 1st Page Critique

$30 for first pass and $20 for second

Query Package

$100 for Query letter, first ten pages, and 1 round of revisions

First 5 Pages

$40 for first pass and $30 every pass after

Full Manuscript Developmental Edits

This package is the complete works! I'll give feedback as both a writer and a reader. I'll deliver a 2 page edit letter addressing any big picture issues like plot, pacing, character arc and motivation. I'll also provide line-edits throughout the manuscript with fine-tuning suggestions like vocabulary choices, fluency, and reader reactions. Rates begin at .05 cents per word. Contact me with your 1st page, genre, and word count for an exact quote.


Shelby pinpointed what needed to be changed in my manuscript to make it stronger. But more importantly, she did so in a clear, approachable, and encouraging way. This blend of professionalism and warmth alleviated my usual revision anxiety and transformed the process into something more like –dare I say it?– fun! That is what sets her apart from any other editing service.

– Samantha Pilecki – Round 8 Author Mentor Match Mentee

Shelby’s feedback fills me with hope: that my novel isn’t as messy as it is, that I will figure out how to fill a plot hole, that my problems (the writing ones, anyway…) are fixable. She’s the writing sister you didn’t know you needed, the one who will tell you the truth without hurting your feelings and gently guide you back to your story’s heart when you forget the way.

– Rianna Cohen

Shelby’s feedback helped me tighten my prose and bring my query to the next level. Her advice was constructive, and she cheered on the good while still highlighting what needed improvements. Her feedback didn’t only improve the piece she edited; it included actionable suggestions I can take with me to future work.

– Caitlin Highland, winner of critique giveaway sponsored by Author Mentor Match

Shelby is an absolute joy to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She brings her unique blend of enthusiasm, wisdom, and professionalism to every project she tackles. My feedback from Shelby was invaluable. It felt at once like a letter from a trusted friend and an intense critique from an editor. I can’t wait to work with her again!

– Emily Hill, Hamline MFA graduate

Shelby provided very relevant and specific feedback and took the time to brainstorm several potential solutions to tweak some of the problems key to pacing, building the intrigue and character buy-in for my story. She is someone who will delight you with her willingness to dive into your story and discussions of craft. All while providing you with the feedback you need in a positive and constructive manner. I’d trust her with my story and would 100% ask for her perspective on my pages again and again!

– Nirmaliz Colon

Shelby provided a wonderful blend of encouragement and insight that helped me pinpoint areas for improvement. After her assistance I felt like I had a better direction to go in.

– Laura Yen, winner of critique giveaway sponsored by Author Mentor Match