October Poetry Challenge: Day Eight

I'll Bless the Rains Down in Africa A ringing in my earFollowed by the most glorious sound"Darling! How are you?!"With her gushing voiceAnd our shared laughterThe painful chasm closesMy best friend no longer feels 2,104 miles away I'd love to see the efforts of your poem in the comments below! I understand that these are… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Eight


October Poetry Challenge: Day Seven

Window Pain Glimpses through windows At the big world beyondSuch a narrow, finite viewNo wonder we panic, and stress, and wonderWhat comes next?Where to go?With only a tiny expanse to guide us But if my eyes stop strainingAlways scanning for morePerhaps I could restContentIn the birds flitting on treesAnd the leaves swaying in the breeze… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Seven


October Poetry Challenge: Day Six

Shoot Stars, Shoot! Three shooting starsStreaked above the steam (and my greedy heart craved more)As we laughed in a backyardOn a blustery autumn nightA mile away our living room is piled highWith unopened boxes full of mugs and booksNo couch, no bed, no photos on wallsBut here with themBellies full on my sister's shared dinnerWe… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Six


October Poetry Challenge: Day Five

Closet Cleaning Cast off cloaks of shamePut on strength and dignityJesus paid it all This haiku was inspired by Beth Moore's teachings and Proverbs 31:25: "Strength and honor are her clothing and she can laugh at the time to come." I'd love to see the efforts of your poem in the comments below! I understand… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Five


October Poetry Challenge: Day Four

Living Water Pale rose liquid fills the mugSteaming and inviting, willing to share its warmthMy cup is fullSip by sip, the goodness shrinksFreely given, sometimes stolenMy cup is emptyDebris clings to ceramicA sad stain echoing previous bountyMy soul's dregs on displaySay a prayer, rinse them cleanRead His words, pour anewFilling holiness, diluting dregs Happy Friday,… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Four


October Poetry Challenge: Day Three

Pure and Simple Love He reads beside meCuddling up with cups of teaBest friends forever Want to write your own haiku? Haikus are typically three-line stanzas with specified syllables. Themes usually focus on the beauty in life's small moments, whether in nature, daily habits, or relationships. The formula is 5 syllables in the first line,… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Three


October Poetry Challenge: Day Two

October Christmas Spirit Smoke wafts from the chimney across the way.We're separated by a sea of snow and yetthese neighbors feel closer than beforeas we share this muffled, silent morning.Is their kitchen full of whispers too?Whispers of laughter and a giggling tea kettle?Do their slippered feet kiss the floor with sleepy steps? Do they feel… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day Two


October Poetry Challenge: Day One

At Home In This World Gravel crunches underfoot Grass shivers in the breezeShe trots on lithe legs with soundless pawsHer nose nudging mud and sticksI love nature as much as herYet here I stomp on two shod feet She floats in her proper place at home in her elementWhile I'm trying to observe trying to… Continue reading October Poetry Challenge: Day One


You’re Invited: October Poetry Challenge

Wafting cinnamon, creaking floorboards, groaning eaves, oh my! October is nearly upon us, bringing atmospheric weather made for lounging beside a roaring fire and scribbling in journals. While my senses relish the crisp air, crisp apples, and crisp leaves, I'll pen crisp lines of poetry to stretch my creativity. My goal is to post a… Continue reading You’re Invited: October Poetry Challenge

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Country Magazine: Photo Feature

The publishing industry is an odd thing. Today I got an email inquiring where to mail my check for my photo feature in the July print issue of Country Magazine. I'd forgotten that I'd submitted anything to that magazine! Surprise acceptances and rejections are a common phenomenon in the world of publishing. We painfully edit… Continue reading Country Magazine: Photo Feature