Writing Critiques

Who is this for?

Writers of fiction looking for in-line comments on their query letter, first page, or first five pages.

Why trust me?

– Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Minor in English with emphasis on Creative Writing
– Nearly a decade of study: craft books, conferences, writing groups, mentorships, offering critiques and beta reads for writing peers.
– My MG fantasy was accepted in Round 8 of Author Mentor Match and I’m currently querying.

What will you get?

– In-line notes via track changes in a Google Doc.
– Advice ranging from big picture ideas to clarifying small details, pacing, character, and worldbuilding, as well as my first impressions as a reader, and possible solutions as a writer.
– My critique style is straight-shooting and encouraging.

What does it cost?

Query Letter Critique: $25
Query Letter AND 1st Page Critique: $35
First 5 Pages: $55
*Payment via PayPal.


“Shelby provided a wonderful blend of encouragement and insight that helped me pinpoint areas for improvement. After her assistance I felt like I had a better direction to go in.” – Laura Yen, winner of critique giveaway sponsored by Author Mentor Match

“Shelby’s feedback helped me tighten my prose and bring my query to the next level. Her advice was constructive, and she cheered on the good while still highlighting what needed improvements. Her feedback didn’t only improve the piece she edited; it included actionable suggestions I can take with me to future work.” – Caitlin Highland, winner of critique giveaway sponsored by Author Mentor Match

Sign Up Here

After you complete the form, I will contact you to confirm the delivery date, which is typically (though not always) within 7 days of purchase. I won’t begin critiquing your work until we have agreed to a delivery date and I have received payment. Standard manuscript format please: 1 inch margins, 12 point font.

Filling out this form is acknowledging that: You understand that writing, and thus the critiquing of writing, is subjective and you may not agree with or like the feedback given.