Christmas Flash Fiction: Fir and Fur

Happy 4 Days until Christmas! I hope you enjoy my freaky, festive flash fiction: FIR AND FUR. Trees know it’s wrong to eat cats. And the Snyder’s Christmas tree was no different. But as the cat purred peacefully on the hearth, and the Grand Fir’s sore hacked-off roots ached for comfort, it pondered what cat… Continue reading Christmas Flash Fiction: Fir and Fur


Critique Partner Matchmaking

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a manuscript, must be in want of a critique partner.” - Jane Austen (sort of) If you are looking to connect with other writers, ones who are at a similar spot in their journey as you, check out Wendy Heard's CP Matchmaking data… Continue reading Critique Partner Matchmaking


24 Days of Writing – From my CP Soul Mate Loie Dunn

Hi everyone! Here’s a fun way to maintain the writing spirit throughout December: participate in 24 Days of Writing. Every day in December until the 25th, I’m going to post a new place to submit a flash fiction, poem, or novel excerpt. I think this is a fab way to step back from our NaNoWriMo […]… Continue reading 24 Days of Writing – From my CP Soul Mate Loie Dunn


Writer’s Body

Ahhh...the dreaded (and painful) writer's body! From a smooshed toosh, to aching wrists  and stiff shoulder blades, typing for extended periods of time is a sure way to punish your muscles. With NaNoWriMo approaching, our spine health will take a beating, as will our brains, and eyes, and sanity. Carving out time to stretch is… Continue reading Writer’s Body