Christmas Flash Fiction: Light’s Out Boss

Happy 7 Days Until Christmas! I hope you all enjoy my festive flash fiction!

Lights Out, Boss

The elves were overworked, liberally knocking back eggnog, and out of candy canes. Really, Santa should have seen their revenge coming. Instead, he was heartbreakingly blindsided by their betrayal as he sat weeping in the snow, sorely wishing for a cookie.

He peered through wet lashes at his newly tiny limbs, trying to comprehend his shrunken form. The towering heights of his snow globe prison worried him that even if he escaped, his chances of being squashed by a reindeer hoof were high.

A bitter wail escaped as he pounded the glass dome. Sure, he’d expected them to work insane holiday hours but that was the name of the game. The other ten months his whole magical elven team sipped daiquiris in Fiji. And he paid for it!

Once they sobered up, they’d not only release him but also bring him back to his glorious, full-bellied size. This was just a bit of fun at the boss’s expense.

A green gloved palm descended on the glass. Santa bellowed as the snow globe was flipped upside down and shaken vigorously. He barely managed to cling to the fake cottage and his teeth clacked together painfully as the globe bounced from elf to elf.

Growing bored of their twisted game (he’d always chastised their lack of focus) the globe righted on the table. Glittery snow drifted lazily on him and he nearly smiled. Living in a snow globe might be peaceful if it weren’t for the sudden earthquakes and lack of cookies.

One of his elves, who used to seem so small, peered through the glass with a nose the size of a mountain.

“Bye, bye, boss,” the elf whispered.

“Please! No!” Santa crumpled to his knees.

The elves didn’t look back as they filed out of the workshop. Thankfully, they forgot to turn out the light! Hope filled him and he scrambled to his tiny feet. He’d get free, yet.

The last thing Santa saw was a green glove dropping over the light switch. Then the snow globe went dark. 

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