Poetry Challenge Recap + November Challenge

Well, it’s over! I’m amazed at how quickly writing a poem a day flew by, and I’m also relieved not to write a poem today! The challenge accomplished what I wanted it to, which was to maintain a daily writing habit and cultivate creativity. It also taught me about my best writing atmosphere.

I found that sitting down with tea and paper and pen yielded the best results. When I was in a rush or typing on a blank screen, the words flowed slower and stiffer. If I was stuck, looking out the window and observing nature helped encourage me and refreshed my sense of wonder.

During the challenge I wrote a lot of nonsense poems simply to accomplish the daily goal. That was useful because even nonsense writing forced my brain and muse to show up on a regular basis. I wrote some poems that I really enjoyed, and that made me truly reflect on life and my priorities.

My three favorite poems from the month were:
1. Puddle Hunting
2. At Home in This World
3. I Don’t Have Time to Read

Did you partake in the challenge? Even if just for one day? If so, did you enjoy it? Learn something new about your writing?

November Challenge

Writing a poem a day was a wonderful challenge to keep me in a creative flow. As I go into NaNoREVISEMo with a goal of revising one chapter per day during the month of November, I’ll need fresh creativity, unique problem-solving, and mental toughness to persevere. I’ll also need a way to stretch my computer-sore muscles!

Enter the November Yoga Practice! I’ll be focusing on gratitude and health as I take care of my body and mind during a tough season of revision.

Will you join me?

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