October Poetry Challenge: Day Thirty-One

Broken Zipper

Candlelight crept hungrily up the walls
Casting dancing shadows on her face
Her dark eyes were hollow shadows
But the whites shone clear, bright, and

Evening festivities long passed
Yet still she wrestled, grappling with
the zipper

Too tight, too tight
the costume was too tight

But the more she struggled
the tighter it constricted
until the zipper pressed
through her skin
burrowing like a maggot in
her spine

“Transform me, this Halloween”
She’d asked the old dressmaker
“Can do” was the helpful reply
So she donned a dress white as a cloud
Splattered with blood to become a
corpse bride

And oh how her peers had reveled
And oh how it was no longer worth it

Blood dripped down her back
Pain poured from her panting mouth
The zipper was stuck and she had

Thank you for joining me on this October Poetry Challenge! Happy Halloween!

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