October Poetry Challenge: Day Twenty-Nine

Carved in Flesh

Candles flickered on the table as we
shined our knives and scalpels.

Firm, healthy flesh protested as we
sank our knives and scalpels.

We laughed and mocked with glee as we
mutilated smooth skin with garish smiles.

Scraping out the innards as we
discarded the life source on newspaper.

It didn’t occur to us to fear revenge as we
carved and decimated consumed by a festive spirit.

Until the candles snuffed out as we
carried ourselves to bed.

They came for us as we
slept, tucked beneath flimsy sheets.

They didn’t use knives or scalpels as we
lay like a buffet before them.

They used the garish smiles we gave them as we
now pleaded for mercy.

But their souls had no empathy as we
had scraped them clean and raw.

A furious orange light glowed from their eyes as we
succumbed to their festive spirits.

For the last few days of October, I’m going to write spooky poems! Will you join me? I’d love to see your own chill-inducing efforts!

See you tomorrow for Day Twenty-Nine!

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