October Poetry Challenge: Day Seven

Window Pain

Glimpses through windows
At the big world beyond
Such a narrow, finite view

No wonder we panic, and stress, and wonder
What comes next?
Where to go?
With only a tiny expanse to guide us

But if my eyes stop straining
Always scanning for more
Perhaps I could rest
In the birds flitting on trees
And the leaves swaying in the breeze

I’d love to see the efforts of your poem in the comments below! I understand that these are first drafts and I hope you offer my humble words the same grace!
Remember, Keep Showing Up!

One week of poetry complete! See you tomorrow for Day Eight!

2 thoughts on “October Poetry Challenge: Day Seven”

  1. “Such a narrow, finite view”…so true, because God knows that’s all we can handle for today. I love yet another of your poems!


    1. Thank you 😀 And yes, that is very wise of God and of you for noticing. I’m so glad you liked it 😀 Thanks for reading! xoxo


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