October Poetry Challenge: Day Six

Shoot Stars, Shoot!

Three shooting stars
Streaked above the steam (and my greedy heart craved more)
As we laughed in a backyard
On a blustery autumn night

A mile away our living room is piled high
With unopened boxes full of mugs and books
No couch, no bed, no photos on walls

But here with them
Bellies full on my sister’s shared dinner
We are home
In a borrowed hot tub

I’d love to see the efforts of your poem in the comments below! I understand that these are first drafts and I hope you offer my humble words the same grace!
Remember, Keep Showing Up!

See you tomorrow for day seven of the challenge!

5 thoughts on “October Poetry Challenge: Day Six”

  1. Awwwwww….I LOVE THIS…and I love you both! Glad you’re feeling “home” even if still a bit unsettled 💜


    1. Thank you 🙂 It absolutely feels like home! And God is so good and people are so generous and faithful that we will fill up our tiny apartment in no time!


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