October Poetry Challenge: Day One

At Home In This World

Gravel crunches underfoot
Grass shivers in the breeze
She trots on lithe legs with soundless paws
Her nose nudging mud and sticks

I love nature as much as her
Yet here I stomp on two shod feet

She floats in her proper place
at home
in her element
While I’m trying to observe
trying to be
trying too hard

Now she canters and on I trudge
Thinking every time I’ve figured life out
I’ve actually missed it again

I hope God laughs with bemused fondness as He watches me struggle and strive
To feel at home in a world that’s not eternal

When my soul
that is made for heaven
is jealous of my dog’s
that is made for mud and sticks

How did Day One of the challenge go for you?

Des Linden, American runner and 2018 Boston Marathon champion encourages herself to keep training with the phrase “Keep Showing Up.” The regular practice, the steadiness of her commitment, and her stellar work ethic combine to form marvelous success.

So for thirty days, I ask you to “Keep Showing Up”. If you miss a day, or two, or four, or fifteen, show back up again on day sixteen. If you hit all the days through 24 and then have a late night and busy schedule, show up on day 25 and pen a haiku. Those three lines of “showing up” will make you so proud of yourself.

When the words are flowing, keep showing up. When you’re banging your head against your notebook or chewing on your pen like a lion after a wildebeest rib, keep showing up. When you’re convinced everything you write is worthy of a lit match, keep showing up! Consistent practice will help you find your voice, exhibit themes you gravitate toward, and keep your creative muscles supple and ready to play.

I’d love to see the efforts of your poem in the comments below! I understand that these are first drafts and I hope you offer my humble words the same grace!

See you tomorrow for day two of the challenge!

6 thoughts on “October Poetry Challenge: Day One”

  1. I love this soooo much ❀ And Zara πŸ™‚ ! Such a sweet poem filled with wisdom. I really loved this line: He watches me struggle and strive
    To feel at home in a world that’s not eternal
    ❀ ❀


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