You’re Invited: October Poetry Challenge

Wafting cinnamon, creaking floorboards, groaning eaves, oh my! October is nearly upon us, bringing atmospheric weather made for lounging beside a roaring fire and scribbling in journals. While my senses relish the crisp air, crisp apples, and crisp leaves, I’ll pen crisp lines of poetry to stretch my creativity.

My goal is to post a daily poem for the entire month of October and I’d love it if you’d join me! Post on your own blog, add it to your social media status, lock it in a secret journal, or drop it in the comment section below my daily posts.

Remember, this challenge is for fun and creative growth! These poems aren’t meant to be perfect but to give us a great backlog of work to revise and keep us in a daily writing habit. For my fellow prose-writers, don’t be intimidated by the idea of poetry! We’re all practicing and all at different places in our writing journeys. Check out A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver if you’re looking for a beginner’s overview.

See you October 1st!

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