Outdoors, Writing

Poem: An Ordinary Day

One day I biked up a steep hill
Through dense green trees
And an orchestra of birds

Sweat tickled my spine
Like water slipping down a ravine
And I huffed
And I puffed
And I burned my legs down

At the top I gulped mountain air
With a snowy view chaser
And I was more alive
More aware
Of every breath and every muscle
Than ever before

So I plonked beside a pond
With him and our dog
And we picnicked on crunchy vegetables
Bursting fruits and smooth chocolate

And I smiled and wrote
About an ordinary day
So perfect, so simple, so blessed
It builds an extraordinary life

4 thoughts on “Poem: An Ordinary Day”

  1. YAYAYAYAY…I love when you’re inspired to write again! And I can’t say I’ve ever known you to write a poem, but it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you! I’ve been writing a lot lately 🙂 All the time outside is good for my creativity. And I really enjoy dabbling in poetry! I’ve been reading tons of Mary Oliver and having fun practicing, though most of it should never see the light of day haha. I’m so glad you liked this one!


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