Preptober 2018

Happy Preptober, Writers! I hope you’re off to a fantastic start, and if not, here are some tips and resources to get your creative energy flowing before NaNo descends like millennials on avocado toast.

  • World Building Worksheet – This questionnaire won’t disappoint. Don’t feel pressured to fill out every line. I put N/A on many questions, and then expanded and filled pages on others. It’s a tool to guide you and have fun with, so don’t get stuck in the details.
  • Fresh notebook – Few things are as exciting as the prospect of a fresh notebook. My mom gifted me with the pictured journal a while ago, and I’ve been saving it for a special project. That project is here, the time is now, and I’m nervous and giddy to scribble ideas on the pristine pages. IMG_20181008_171057
  • Pinterest: Go on an inspiration binge! I’m having a blast setting up a mood and description sanctuary for when my brain turns to imaginative sludge.
  • Read: I’m devouring all the books I have time for because it’s imperative to fill the creative well before the drain of NaNo. The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan is a delight, a true love letter to book nerds.
  • Exercise: NaNo is a time of sitting and staring at a screen, so I’m stockpiling movement and outdoor time like a squirrel hoarding acorns.
  • Verbal clues: Begin discussing NaNo now, so that your friends expect and accept when you drop from the social calendar for 30 days.

Best of luck as you prep for NaNo, and if you’re looking for more tips, check out this blog from my critique partner, Nicole. Happy brainstorming!

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