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A Writer’s Journey

I’ve got a big shiny idea ahead of me. The goal is in sight, and I can do this! One step at a time, one page at a time, and I will get there. This is a journey! I’ll enjoy the process.


Ooo, but wait! Look at this tree! Ten minutes later and computer has fallen asleep as I continue to stare at the tree. 


Back on track. Chugging along and getting those words down. 


A terrible realization hits me: my book has no plot. Better nap it off. 


The journey is getting lonely, but I found some writer friends! My critique partners join me on this daunting task through the wilderness, and pull me from the cliffs of despair. 


Darkness descends, so why am I smiling? Because I backed up my work! Via email, hard drive, and two zip drives! Preparedness is the key to survival. 


Next come more tricky plot problems. As in, I have a plot, but it’s lame. Only with the guidance of my trusty critique partners and a lot of faith can I make it to the other side. 


On the other side of the plot problems, comes a glorious breakthrough! My energy is renewed. I’m proud of my accomplishments. I can finish this book! 


It is finished. I’m the Conquerer of Words. The Queen of the Page. No sentences shall destroy me. I bested a novel! I am invincible! 


I survey my work with pride. Suddenly, my keen eye catches a character discrepancy. One of my many mistakes. Further perusal. This book is no good. No good at all.


I close the laptop. I cuddle my dog. 


I wake and begin again. 

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